The harvest begins

Looks like soon we will be heading into a busy time of harvesting, but we’ve already gotten a few things.  The first batch of potatoes was harvested last week; this batch was planted about 2 weeks before the main group of potatoes.  We are starting to get some tomatoes, although it appears we are fighting some blight or something.  Hopefully we’ll get a decent number before the plants go south.  We had a bunch of volunteer tomatoes pop up in the compost, but I think most of them are cherry.  Still, might give us some backups if the main plants don’t work out.  I am seeing some decent Brandywine and Paul Robeson on the vine, so hopefully they will hang on long enough to harvest.

We’ve also harvested a row of carrots.  The best of the lot seem to be the St. Valery from Baker Creek.  We also had some Purple Haze, which look very cool, but tend to go woody and get a lot of roots if you leave them in too long.  I think the others are Napoli and Parisienne or Paris Market.  We are trying to keep everything labeled, but eventually the labels succumb to rain and dirt.


We are starting to get beans. We have 4 or 5 varieties, including some soybeans for Edamame and Dragon Tongue which is a cool purple striped Dutch heirloom that is pretty popular.

Anyway, this is starting to get long and I really just wanted to post some photos, so without further ado…

Red Norlands




St. Valery carrots



Purple Haze carrots



Dragon Tongue beans



More beans (I think these are Kentucky Wonder)